The future of the inbound supply chain: implementing electronic data exchange (EDE)

The COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical unrest, and military action across the world, have fundamentally disrupted the assumption and practice of a globally interconnected supply chain, cutting off cities and global supply hubs, pressurising raw material supplies and stocks. These global events continue to put pressure on a model of an inbound supply chain that has its roots in ‘just in time’ lean manufacturing practices. 

Supply chain experts have said that in future: 

  • Supply chains need to re-shape themselves with a focus on resilience and flexibility 
  • This will require embracing an agile practice and mindset alongside lean manufacturing principles 
  • Procurement needs to embrace resilience and not simply cost 
  • Supply chain innovation is essential for future business success 
  • Deep collaboration along the supply chain will be the enabler of that innovation. 


This paper proposes that shared and electronic data exchange (EDE) is a cornerstone of this collaboration and innovation. That is why BioPhorum Supply Partner  has identified end-to-end digitization as of one of its five strategic objectives for the inbound supply strategy. 

This paper will: 

  • Demystify EDE 
  • Set out its importance for supply chain effectiveness 
  • Capture its value and benefits 
  • Help people understand the practical enablers and maturity path 
  • Lay out a future path of development. 


It is aimed at senior sponsors and executive teams in biomanufacturers and suppliers who are either contemplating or at the start of improving digital communication across partnerships. It will also be useful for internal supplier and biomanufacturing teams seeking to improve digital communication. 

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