User requirements for AR/VR biopharma manufacturing

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have already been adopted successfully by some industries, which has enabled significant productivity savings, increased ‘right first time’ rates, and reduced training efforts. Importantly, it has also made it easier for frontline users by providing them with the information they need when they need it. 


It is in the interest of biopharmaceutical companies to adopt AR/VR technology in relevant manufacturing environments to support good practice and regulated processes. Many opportunities have been identified in operator training and the execution of key business processes, especially those that would benefit from being hands-free and require operators to move around the shop floor while completing their job. 


BioPhorum member companies have explored the adoption of AR/VR technology in the regulated manufacturing of drug products. Several challenges exist, in part derived from how the AR/VR market has originated and developed. 


For example, industrial versions of hardware devices do not meet the highest-grade cleanroom usage requirements. Also, the software available generally lacks key functionality required for GMP usage, including full audit trails, version control/approval process of the procedures, and electronic signatures. 


This paper outlines the biopharmaceutical industry’s hardware and software requirements for AR/VR technology adoption. It is hoped that sharing this information with the biopharmaceutical industry and its associated supply partners will support the future development of AR/VR technology that can be deployed in a regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing setting. 

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