Vision for digital maturity in the integration between biomanufacturers and partner organizations

Over the past decade, biopharmaceutical supply chains have become increasingly complex, often involving multi-enterprise manufacturing collaborations and partnerships to supply lifesaving medicines to patients. This evolution beyond the single-source manufacturing model is driving an industry need for standardized approaches to data integration between organizations to support agile and predictive supply chains.

Initial projects to improve digital collaboration have often deployed bespoke point-to-point solutions between sponsor and contract organizations. However, without standardization, data and data structures are different from each source, vary over time (over product lifecycles) and are difficult to use for the advanced purposes we need.

This document presents a vision for digital collaboration between sponsor and contract organizations. We explain the current state of integration models for collaboration between biomanufacturing organizations and the challenges faced by the industry. Looking to the future, we discuss the key benefits of improved digital integration to support a better patient experience and enhanced business outcomes.

We think this paper is essential reading for business leaders in biomanufacturers and contract organizations, as well as digital leaders, integration solution providers, and IT solution providers providing operational and analytics systems.

The challenge is now laid down for biomanufacturers, contract organizations and IT solution providers to work together to make this vision a reality. We must transform paper into data, records into actionable insights, and contracts into partnerships. We must achieve for the industry as a whole the benefits to cost, speed, quality, and flexibility that will come from digital maturity. And when we collectively achieve these goals, we will accelerate the nobler and more important goal of bringing new, life-changing, quality therapeutics to the people who need them around the world.

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