Posted on: 28th September 2017

A recent meeting with Purdue University’s LyoHUB consortium in Cambridge, MA provided a forum to find synergistic and coordinated collaborative opportunities.  Agreement was reached to recommend a process for BPOG members to provide systematic input in best practice writing activities on Process Instrumentation, Equipment Qualification and Scale-Up and work towards setting standards based on this guidance.

Three topics which address current industry problems and could lead to increased process robustness and producing better quality product in less time were also selected for collaboration in 2018 and beyond:

  1. Setting-up a PAT tools database and education program
  2. Defining how to set the best strategy for on-going process performance monitoring
  3. Identifying how to enhance the cycle efficiency by better determining the primary drying phase.

The groups will develop these ideas further and seek input from the wider membership with a view to setting up a workstream.

The BPOG members also developed further their second paper focusing on the application of modelling, due for completion by the end of 2017. The paper includes impressive examples of Lyo modelling successes that the team hope will inspire further adoption.

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