How agile and sustainable is your supply chain? What is your approach to data transparency? How can you improve the efficiency and cost of the supply chain?

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The pharmaceutical outbound supply chain faces these and many more tough questions every day. Whilst delivering new modalities, it must meet capacity constraints, increasing costs, and greater complexity more challenging than ever before.

Overcoming these challenges will need an innovative solution that pulls on business acumen and experience from across industry – and this is why BioPhorum has launched the Supply Chain to Patient Phorum.

The work will be guided by a team of outstanding technical experts from across the biopharmaceutical industry and will transform the performance of global pharmaceutical clinical and commercial outbound supply chains.

The ambition is to reduce the complexity and cost, accelerate deployment of member supply chain strategies, establish the supply chain of the future, align on regulatory understanding, and provide industry benchmarks.

The team will shape industry’s clinical and commercial outbound supply chain ambitions and stand together as the ‘one voice’ of industry to influence the development of standards and the regulatory environment.
The team has already been busy identifying collaboration opportunities across the supply chain from drug substance/fill finish/CMO facilities, through central warehousing and wholesalers/distributors, and on to the pharmacy/hospital and the patient. These include:

  • Cold chain management
  • CMO interfaces and managing data flows
  • Software systems integration.
  • Customs information and guidance
  • The acceleration of electronic labeling
  • Supply chain strategies for new business models and modalities, e.g., cell and gene therapies, direct to patient shipping
  • Supply chain sustainability

Some of its early deliverables include three podcasts:

  • The first talks about freight capacity and increased costs, the complexity of cell and gene therapy and direct-to-patient supply chains, and the benefits of collaboration when influencing regulations.
  • The second covers data management and transparency challenges for biopharmaceutical logistics. It also discusses what happens if the challenges are not addressed and what BioPhorum collaborations are tackling them.
  • The third discusses the needs and considerations of a sustainable outbound supply chain.

Do you want to hear more about the benefits of this exciting new Phorum? And see how you can share your experience and learn from your peers? Then please get in touch with Lesley Holt, Supply Chain to Patient Phorum Director, at

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