How does your digital plant maturity compare?

The Digital Plant Maturity Model workstream has developed a new version of the Maturity Model. This second version increases consistency by leveling scores across dimensions; simplifies the model by reducing the number of enabling dimensions; and improves its utility by resetting the vision for levels 4 and 5, aligning them with the BioPhorum Technology Roadmap.

The team has also developed a Maturity Assessment Tool to be used alongside the model. Using the characteristics provided for each dimension of the model, an assessment can be made of a plant (or a network of plants) against the five maturity levels within each dimension.

The maturity model is being used by 80 per cent of member companies and is built from real learnings within those businesses. It provides the language and mechanism for having the right conversations with the right stakeholders, ensures the Assessment Tool gives a neutral assessment of the current state, and facilitates agreement on the future state.

Both versions of the model and the assessment tool are available here

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