Posted on: 29th May 2018

As drug products are increasingly being targeted at smaller patient populations, so the demand grows for a more flexible approach to drug product-filling facilities, to provide the industry with solutions that can deliver small volumes, rapid change overs and different presentations with ease.

A growing group in the industry is looking to encourage the development of smaller, modular, standard equipment as an alternative to the large highly customized filling facilitates to which we have all become accustomed. They believe that small flexible fillers will enable products to be developed and then scaled-out to commercial volumes all on the same platform. Delivering faster product introduction, reducing technology transfer times and costs.

To encourge this development a user requirement specification document (URS) has been produced by the Small Flexible Filler workstream (SFF). This has been discussed at length with as many of the large and newer filler manufacturers who would respond and the team believe it will encourage many to move in the direction for which the users are looking. This culminated with a series of supplier meetings alongside Interphex in April, where a number of the suppliers shared their ideas and plans that resonated with the URS. You can download this document here


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