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newsJun 23, 2019 | Change Notification | News

In order to secure implementation it is important to be able to measure the current status and demonstrate success through timely progression towards a desired state. Demonstrating quick wins is essential to securing organizational support for ongoing efforts. This is especially true when attempting to have multiple companies align on a standardized industry way of working.

The team has identified four areas critical to the success of change notification practices. We are asking companies to complete the survey once per year providing feedback of their aggregated experience across their customer/supplier base. Very few companies keep hard metrics on these aspects therefore  we are asking for an indication of the companies experience in each area

The intention is that a cross functional team will come together and assess the companies experience over the previous 12 months. In this way bias should be removed by getting different perspectives and discussing/agreeing what the company score is. To support the discussion the team  has developed a scorecard framework which provides an opportunity to identify and align on what a particular score means, both within and between companies.

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