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The BioPhorum IT (BPIT) community was established in 2016 with senior IT representation from leading biopharma companies. The members direct their focus and collaboration efforts on strategic topics such as digital transformation in biopharma manufacturing and supply chain, and introducing new capabilities to drive efficiencies in compliance and quality management.

BPIT seeks to achieve its mission by:

  • Facilitating a process where industry peers work together on non-competitive challenges and opportunities
  • Creating a collaboration climate that stimulates and supports industry innovation and implementation
  • Providing a strategic lead which anticipates and influences future trends
  • Connecting strategies and regulatory requirements to business outcomes

Moreover, through understanding the evolving business and industry landscape, and the manufacturing and supply chain challenges, BPIT engages proactively in the wider ecosystem to:

  • Influence IT suppliers to respond to future-focused business needs and challenges — and to reflect these in their technology development, product roadmaps and capabilities.
  • Identify disruptive trends and technologies and assess the impact, opportunities and timescales specific to the MfgSC domain and IT capabilities.
  • Understand the future IT supplier/vendor/services landscape – relevant to MfgSC — and to ensure timely visibility of trends: new entrants, existing vendor ability-to-innovate, value-adding services and providers.
  • Participate in the evolving ecosystem to explore collaboration opportunities and potential for co-development to achieve industry-wide benefits.
  • Encourage cross-fertilization of innovative ideas from other industries.

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