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When you work with BioPhorum, you can be sure that your team has the relevant, meaningful experience to help you and your business challenges.

All members of the BioPhorum team have a degree, with 60% holding a Master’s degree or higher, including 16% with an MBA and 24% a PhD.

Almost all client facing staff have more than 20 years of experience in a pharma or high tech manufacturing environment and many have more than ten years of consulting experience. Most team members have a form of black or green belt qualification as well as extensive experience leading improvement teams in highly complex production and research environments.

This blend of academic and practical experience combines to form a team of outstanding quality.

Without exception, our people work in BPOG because they gain a great personal satisfaction from interacting with the best people, helping them to improve performance in an industry that is pushing back the boundaries of human health and well-being like no other.

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Our highly experienced facilitators and account managers support the BioPhorum collaboration by creating a great environment where the industry’s subject matter experts come together and share approaches, solve mutual challenges and develop the guidance the industry needs to move its operations forward. Our people are typically ‘best in class’ Pharma/BioPharma operations, manufacturing professionals or process consultants, who have all gained an in-depth understanding of how industries evolve and become truly successful.

Our team is passionate about challenging and facilitating change within the biotech industry for the improvement and benefit of all.


What it is like to be a facilitator for BioPhorum

In 2009 my friend introduced me to a person, future mentor, who three years later hired me to start working at a large biopharmaceutical company as a part of his Operational Excellence team. My academic background was in Environmental Policy and Social Behavior and my career background had been within sales and marketing.

Although I knew little about the biopharmaceutical industry, Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement (CI) at the time of being hired for this job my academic and career background up to that point had prepared me in many ways for my future career and I am grateful that my new boss was able to see that. You see CI is about change, about understanding the current state, defining the preferred future state, and help people transition into their future state. This is a cyclical process and is referred to by many names PDCA, DMAIC, SPRINT, etc. Environmental policy is about changing people. Sales and marketing is about understanding and delivering to the needs and preferences of the customer. All change and especially CI process management requires understanding the needs of the customer and creating a future preferred state that delivers to those needs. That brings me to my main take away from facilitating collaborations and problem solving in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Seek to understand, not to be understood.

When I joined the biopharmaceutical industry I was not a biopharmaceutical expert. Neither am I a nuclear physicist or political expert, but I bet I could still facilitate problem solving in those areas of work. Here is why: my role as a CI facilitator is to seek to understand, rather then to be understood. I found that when you genuinely seek to understand a situation, a problem, or a person’s point of view you automatically inspire others to ask questions. If you have the right people in the room then suddenly a tremendous sharing of knowledge happens.

So it is with any change. As a facilitator you do not need to be a subject matter expert on the topic at hand, but you need to ask questions and create an open environment where the experts participating in changing the status quo feel comfortable sharing their experience and seeking new knowledge that down the road contribute to a well thought out solution…or should I say preferred future state.

Biomanufacturers and suppliers seeking to change forecasting and supply planning

During the last 18 months I have worked as the facilitator in a group of forecasting and supply planning Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that were tasked with defining best practice of forecasting and supply planning in the biopharmaceutical industry (not a small task).

The people in this team were complete strangers to each other and some of them competitors in the same industry. Normally during such circumstances people are hesitant to share their point of view. It can be for competitive reasons or, like in many situations, out of personal fear of not seeming knowledgeable enough. This group experienced that as well, but the advantage they have is that they are collaborating within the context of BioPhorum.

BioPhorum’s mission is to create an environment where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate their rate of progress for the benefit of all.The idea is that biopharmaceutical companies and suppliers with the same problems replace working on problems in isolation, with working on problems in collaboration so that the industry shares, learns and builds the best solutions together. As a facilitator in BioPhorum it is my job to create a safe environment for collaborating and sharing and to help this team deliver their objective, which again is to define what world class forecasting and raw material supply & demand planning looks like in an effort to drive improvement and implementation within the biopharmaceutical industry.

To help create the right environment we started out by aligning on what the SMEs had in common. Each of the participating SMEs was asked to share equitably by answering a very simple question: “what is and what is not working for you at the moment?”

For me as a facilitator this was about understanding the topic at hand and the current state. I was upfront and honest when I did not understand a term or thought process, which prompted others in the team to do the same. This helped resolve assumptions and alignment on language. We took the team’s collective answers, discussed them, and came up with a joint understanding of the current state.

In short the team felt that the industry supply chain was becoming more complex and constraints in the frame of quality, service level, and cost efficiency were becoming more stringent. Meanwhile, they agreed that forecasting and supply planning processes are relatively immature. However, by analyzing the current state of the leading biomanufacturing companies and suppliers they were able to achieve their goal of developing forecasting and raw material supply & demand planning best practice guidelines for the industry. You can learn in detail how they did this and what their conclusions were in their publications on the BioPhorum website.

So what it’s like to be a continuous improvement facilitator for BioPhorum?

I have the privilege to work with extremely talented SMEs in an environment that is conducive to collaboration, which is very helpful. However, no matter the circumstances my main takeaway for those reading this post is that collaboration is a journey that is best accomplished when you seek to understand rather then to be understood.

The BioPhorum facilitator’s role is to support benchmarking and best practice development between leading global biopharmaceutical companies. Ensuring the workstream outcomes are delivered and specific needs of member companies are met.

Experienced facilitators have the possibility to progress to a client relationship management role where they will work one to one with client leaders to help them manage the engagement of their operations with the BioPhorum groups. Ensuring members benefit from their collaboration and learning.

Why join our team?

– BioPhorum offers a unique opportunity to work in an industry-leading, high impact role facilitating collaborations between global leaders in the BioPharma/Biotech industries.

Flexibility – Being based from home, the role offers the opportunity to rebalance professional and personal life while still having the challenge of operating in an intellectually stimulating and dynamic environment.

Growth and opportunity – BioPhorum continues to grow its membership and, with new workstreams and programs going live, we are always interested in talking to experienced professionals who are passionate about collaboration and capable of supporting and driving change on a global scale.

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