8 Biomanufacturers
9 Supply Partners
2 Innovation Hub

  • Benchmarking
    survey & maturity
  • K-mapping
  • Implementation
  • Business
  • User requirements
    for prototype KM
DeliverableAvailable Company BenefitWhen
Standard framework to map and manage knowledge workflows, culminating in a technology demonstrator. Opportunity to transform business speed, cost and product quality


↓ Cost

↑ Quality

  • Higher process capability (RFT, lower OOS)

  • More informed and faster decision making

  • Enablement of ICHQ8-12

  • Process improvements introduced faster

  • Better understanding of correlations between cmas, cpps and cqas leading to improved process control

  • Improved speed and quality

  • More knowledge is re-used

  • Greater ability to measure the performance of knowledge flow

Q4 2018

In October 2019, the team met to develop a framework for knowledge management in the BioPharmaceutical Industry, delivering:

  • Knowledge maps associated with the creation of a control strategy.
  • A comprehensive inventory of control strategy related knowledge assets was created.
  • A range of opportunities to improve knowledge flow in the industry, including two high priority opportunities: company analytical method expertise, and prior knowledge across products and platforms.
  • The framework for a white paper was established, along with next step and longer term plans.
  • The team plans to implement improvements, by clarifying user requirements and the evaluation of solutions, which will include humanistic approaches and advanced technological ones.
Slide last updated : 21st January 2019