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The BioPhorum Extractables Portal enables suppliers and integrators to make their extractable data easily available to end users.

With the unique pressure on the global biopharmaceutical supply chain post-pandemic, as multiple existing products share the same raw materials as those for vaccines, the portal provides a valuable resource to connect biomanufacturers to the correct replacement materials quickly. Habib Horry, Manager of Process Technology, Sartorius Stedim said, “As a global supplier, Sartorius sees value being listed on the portal but also recognizes the value for drug manufacturing companies, especially those who are entering that space, to have a single-entry point.”

Aaron Updegove, Technical Services, and Marketing Director, Bioprocess Solutions, Saint-Gobain LIFE SCIENCES adds that inclusion on the extractables portal “provides quick and easy access for users that are seeking our extractable data, and one of the greatest benefits is the demonstrated alignment of our extractable testing methodology to the BioPhorum extractable protocol. By following the BioPhorum protocol, our reported extractable data has recognized credibility and is widely understood and accepted by our customers.”

Gilbert Tumambac, Sr Principal Scientist and E&L expert, Pall Corporation sees BioPhorum’s creation of the extractables portal as a “testament to BioPhorum’s commitment to connect single-use technology (SUT) end-users and suppliers. Pall is glad to be part of this ecosystem as it also takes our end-users to our regulatory dossier and documentation centre and allows them to easily access regulatory and quality information beyond E&L (extractables and leachables). As a SUT integrator, the portal has been useful and beneficial to us and our customers as it helps streamline the end-user risk assessment process. We believe that it will be a key reference for the industry as the number of suppliers featured on the website increases.”

Maximizing resilience of the raw materials supply chain is the purpose of the portal. As a BioPhorum member, suppliers and integrators can add their own data to this ecosystem. Sonia Schwantes, Director, Product Management, NewAge Industries recognizes the importance of AdvantaPure’s inclusion on the portal “for us, it is good to be listed and connected to such a well-respected industry organization.” If you are not already part of the portal, contact us for details on how to start sharing data with others in the supply chain.

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