Meet the new Supply Partnering & Relationship Management Workstream – do you want to get on board?

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The Forecast and Demand Planning Workstream has produced some industry-leading publications, including a Best Practice Guide, a Planning Toolkit, and a Forecast Accuracy Calculator, which have seen over 600 downloads since publication.

It has also recently published a high-level optimal process, a RACI responsibility assignment matrix, and a Storyboard with examples of everyday issues to show how the Toolkit could avoid some of these.

Yet even with so much under its belt, the team has been asking, “What’s next?”

The topics that have repeatedly been raised are relationships, partnering, transparency, and contracts. And so, to reflect these critical issues, the workstream is being rebranded as Supply Partnering and Relationship Management.

Its aim is to identify and collaborate on ways to improve the quality and performance of the in-bound supply chain serving the global biomanufacturing industry. This will be followed by providing tools, approaches, and guidance to accelerate collaboration in this area.

The rebrand will allow the workstream to develop a program of work rather than focus on single topic areas and means that sub-teams can deliver faster than before. And to give oversight, the new workstream will remain an integral part of the BioPhorum Supply Partner mission and be included in its agreed work program.

Doing this will enable a wider variety of topics to be covered, such as relationship management, contracts and contracting, supplier agreements, supply strategy, and inventory management.

Do you want to help drive the new workstream?

As well as broadening its scope, we are looking for new subject matter experts to join the team. Collaboration and the combined knowledge of suppliers and manufacturers mean the workstream is uniquely placed to drive change and share best practices – and you could play a crucial role in its development.

Expert representatives from BioPhorum members are invited to help develop the workstream deliverables and plan their implementation.

For more information about the rebranded workstream or to ask about becoming a member, contact Jan Grace, or David Welcome

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