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When you work with BPOG, you can be sure that your team has the relevant, meaningful experience to help you and your business challenges.

All members of the BPOG team have a degree, with 60% holding a Master’s degree or higher, including 16% with an MBA and 24% a PhD.

Almost all client facing staff have more than 20 years of experience in a pharma or high tech manufacturing environment and many have more than ten years of consulting experience. Most team members have a form of black or green belt qualification as well as extensive experience leading improvement teams in highly complex production and research environments.

This blend of academic and practical experience combines to form a team of outstanding quality.

Without exception, our people work in BPOG because they gain a great personal satisfaction from interacting with the best people, helping them to improve performance in an industry that is pushing back the boundaries of human health and well-being like no other.

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Member experiences

The Benefits. Explained

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Evolving and improving

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Benefits of Ask BPOG

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The benefits of BPOG.

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Making change happen

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Be part of the BPOG community

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The value of BPOG

Over the last few years, our phorums have become the place of choice for many companies in the biopharma industry to CONNECT and make benchmarking live and interactive.