New BioPhorum library and more…

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New BioPhorum Library and more…

When we started BioPhorum in 2008, we never thought about document curation. But 12 years on and you, our members, have created over 100 best practice papers, guides and tools, so a decent library system is well overdue.

And there is more. With the papers announced today in the May newsletter, there are now 110 document packages available, either as direct downloads from the BioPhorum website or via links to 15 other journals. And this number is going to get bigger. There are more than 100 new guides and tools coming through the collaboration today and due to be published in the next 12 months. And don’t forget, if your company is in those Phorums, working in those teams, you can benefit from all those ideas months before publication.

Now, finding the documents and guidance has never been easier. Behind each Phorum tab on our website, you will find a Download page with a list of all the documents that Phorum has produced. Each has its own abstracts and tags to help you search for similar items, and the all-important link to each document on the website or to the original publishing journal. To explore more, try these links:

Development Group

Drug Substance

Fill Finish

Information Technology


Supply Partner

Technology Roadmapping

Extractables Portal

Also, for the first time, the BioPhorum website provides a portal to valuable data repositories. In this case, the extractables landing pages of some of the key single-use component suppliers and integrators in the industry. Launched to coincide with the publication of the newly streamlined protocol ‘Extractables testing of polymeric single-use components used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing’, the Extractables Portal will make it easy for users to go straight to the extractable data that the suppliers have been building and making available to customers since the first protocol was published in 2014. To find out more about the new protocol, read here.

Peer review process

While the exacting nature of our collaboration process and the breadth of company representation has always made our publications well respected, we are always seeking ways to improve their quality. So we have now published a peer review process, available on our website here. Developed by a team of facilitators and headed by our Publications Lead Emma Howlett, the peer review process has been successfully piloted on recently published ‘Knowledge mapping’ guidance. The approach will be used by teams and Phorums as appropriate and its use will be advertised on the front cover of documents with our Peer Review logo. A fuller explanation will be published in the June newsletter.

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