Posted on: 26th June 2018

Cell and gene therapies are the hot topic within the healthcare industry. Stories about developments in the field appear across major news networks around the world on an almost daily basis and the growing need for collaboration between companies to tackle common challenges is becoming ever more apparent.

BioPhorum is therefore delighted to announce the launch of the new Cell and Gene Therapy Phorum where companies can work together to address some of the key challenges that bio-pharmaceutical companies are facing in this area.

“There are several national initiatives emerging in cell and gene therapy but there is nothing else like this Phorum available at the moment,” explains Christelle Simpson-Platre, Phorum Lead. “Converting the vast potential of these therapies into a robust, reproducible, safe, efficacious, and cost effective reality for the treatment of all patients is a very exciting challenge. When you put the expertise and the collective resolution of the companies leading the way in Cell and Gene therapy together with BioPhorum’s experience and proven track record for industry collaboration there is a really unique opportunity to accelerate delivery of these therapies here.”

The Cell and Gene Therapy Phorum met for the first time at a face-to-face meeting in April 2018 in Boston, USA to set out their goals for the future to lead the way on industry alignment. Cell and gene therapies are disruptive technologies and when coupled with their success present significant challenges in aligning efforts across bio-pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academia. These challenges extend into delivery paradigms, regulatory landscape and throughout the supply chain as the industry seeks to rapidly develop and deliver life-changing therapies. BioPhorum has a track record of solving complex common challenges at an industry level within the bioprocessing field and is excited to be able to support this field on its journey at an early stage.

The new Phorum is bringing industry leaders together to tackle six key, pre-competition common interest challenges which they have identified as: high level analytics, regulatory strategy, commercialization, validation, raw material sourcing and supply, and environmental health and safety. Addressing these challenges now will avoid multiple industry solutions.

These areas will also form the basis for six workstreams within the Phorum and the team are busy developing charters for each workstream which fit together into a co-ordinated programme. At the same time, BioPhorum is busy securing sponsor commitment from participating companies.

The business of cell and gene therapy is as diverse as the patients which it serves and for that there is no one size fits all solution. It was described by one participant at the meeting as the “wild west” of the industry that could benefit from the systematic approach that BioPhorum is known for facilitating. It is this focus on tangible results that BioPhorum will deliver while ensuring that the creativity of those involved is not overwhelmed by stringent structures. It is because of the visionaries within this arena that the creativity has been able to flourish. Creating a collaboration that works around this and ensuring robust participation from all members will be the driving force behind achieving the Phorum’s goals.

Member companies anticipate that this new Phorum will provide a full awareness of the market place, an understanding of new innovations within the field, an ability to share capabilities and offerings, technological advances and benchmarking across the industry.

The team will meet again in the fourth quarter to progress the Phorum’s goals.

Please contact Christelle Simpson-Platre on if you would like to learn more, or would like to become involved.

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2 responses to “New Phorum to accelerate delivery of cell and gene therapy revolution”

  1. Carl Schrott says:

    I hope eventually Raw Material Suppliers will be invited to this forum. Raw materials are as and even more important for these therapies as compared to protein therapeutics.

  2. Yvonne Richardson says:

    Very interested in the cell and gene therapy phorum.

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