New technology adoption moves into the fast lane

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”* In the wake of the pandemic response, industry has demonstrated – and reaped the benefits of – a changing approach to accelerated technology adoption.

Aligned in the face of an unprecedented purpose, the urgency of the pandemic was the catalyst for an industry-wide shift – positive acceptance of new technology, calculated risk-taking, and proactive stakeholder collaboration. The mindset changed from evaluating why something should not be done to exploring how it can be done.

Now is the time to build on this new mindset, see beyond barriers and innovate to address the clear and present lack of life-saving treatment options for widespread and rare diseases. Acceleration and industrialization of crucial new technologies will achieve improvements in cost, quality, and speed in bringing urgent life-saving medicines to the market.

BioPhorum is excited to launch a best practice resource designed to enable new technologies to be adopted effectively within companies and across the biomanufacturing industry. A high-level toolbox and guidance for R&D, technology discovery, sponsors, risk managers, and regulatory teams. It includes guidance on all aspects of new technology adoption from objective setting, building a business case, stakeholder identity, risk management, and preparation for operational implementation.

Here is the link to the new technology adoption portal and downloadable content. This is a living resource, and BioPhorum will build on this knowledge and share more resources such as downloads, case studies, and templates. Do you know where your company is in the cycle of new technology adoption? Do you have a good story to tell or best practice ideas to share? Please get in touch at and come back and visit this site as we collaborate on the industry view.

*Winston Churchill

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