Outsourcing development services offers solutions for increased demand

newsFeb 1, 2021 | Phorum : Development Group | News

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Many companies have increasingly sought to outsource chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) development services. Successful outsourcing has many benefits, such as meeting increased demand, reducing the time to market and improving capacity.

However, BioPhorum has found that many companies approach outsourcing differently. To better understand best practices for decision making, governance and management, the group conducted a survey on outsourcing approaches for sponsor and contract development and manufacturing organization members. The results have been published in the paper Trends in Outsourcing of CMC Development Services for Biologics.

“The paper offers a complementary perspective of two different viewpoints from the sponsor and the contractor manufacturer,” said Andrew Kim, Associate Director, Downstream MSAT at Samsung Biologics. “That is something you don’t see very often in the literature. That to me is something that stands out and differentiates it from other papers.”

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