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Clare Simpson

Technology Roadmapping
Technology roadmapping is all about creating a consensus strategy for the future of biomanufacturing. This allows us to work together as a community in a single direction and provide a strong voice to researchers, technology developers and regulators. It also allows our members to lower the risks associated with new technologies by building requirements and proof of concepts together.
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Clare has been part of BioPhorum Technology Roadmapping  since 2016 and has been Phorum Leader since 2019. She was part of the facilitation team for publication of the first tranche of roadmap documents, as well as prioritization of industry gaps into technology development workstreams. She has shaped the work in several of the workstreams and been a key part of building links between both individual workstreams, and across the Phorum communities.

Before joining BioPhorum, Clare held roles across a range of industries, from life sciences and forensics, to software design and financial services outsourcing. She has held leadership roles in both small innovative companies, and large corporations, and across multiple functions including quality and regulatory, project management, commercial operations and product management. She has worked with a range of organizations including standards bodies, industry consortia and best practice industry organizations.