Biophorum leadership

Dawood Dassu

Fill Finish
We have a fantastic collaborative portfolio covering all the major areas of fill and finish, delivering unique best practices and accelerating the adoption of new technologies. For me, it's all about making sure the flow of great medicines never stops.
Dawood Dassu

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Dawood Dassu has been a key part of BioPhorum Fill Finish since 2015 and shaped the work on environmental monitoring and rapid micro methods, as well as being instrumental in the growing connection with the Regulatory Agencies. Dawood has been Phorum Leader of Fill Finish since April 2019. Before joining BioPhorum, Dawood held positions in AstraZeneca as Director of Lean in Operations, Master Black Belt in small molecules R&D and Consultant Statistician. He has also worked as an independent management consultant in life sciences working on improvement and innovation projects. Dawood has delivered major improvements in diverse areas. Significant results include major reductions in cycle times in discovery phase processes in several research areas, whilst improving quality and increasing capacity. Dawood has also led projects operations working on supplier development.

Facilitation, collaboration and a passion for science are in Dawood’s DNA. He is known for his ability to get to the essence of issues and bring a fresh perspective whilst using a collaborative and engaging leadership style.