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BioPhorum IT’s (BPIT) mission is to accelerate the delivery of information technology-impacted business goals and to help unlock the value of the pharmaceutical industry’s IT opportunities.

Established in 2016, BPIT has adopted strategic positions on digital transformation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, introduced new guidance and tools to drive efficiencies in compliance and quality management, and is actively addressing the challenges of cyber security that threaten the continuity of our operations.

BPIT does this by:

  • facilitating a process where industry peers work together on non-competitive challenges and opportunities
  • creating a collaboration climate that stimulates and supports industry innovation and implementation
  • providing a strategic lead which anticipates and influences future trends
  • connecting strategies and regulatory requirements to business outcomes influencing suppliers to respond to future- focused business needs and challenges and to reflect these in their technology development, product roadmaps and capabilities


  • Cybersecurity
  • QC Lab of the Future
  • IT for Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Sponsor / CMO Data Standards
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Predictive analytics

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Information Technology case study

Using DPMM to build the future digital journey

BioPhorum’s Digital Plant Maturity Model (DPMM) describes the five levels of maturity, from simple paper-based plants to the fully automated and integrated ‘adaptive plant’ of the future…

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