Supply Chain to Patient


Our mission
To transform the performance of global pharmaceutical clinical and commercial outbound supply chains through industry collaboration

Why collaborate?
The pharmaceutical outbound supply chain is facing capacity constraints more challenging than ever before. Increasing costs and greater complexity, overlaid with new modalities has prompted new thinking and a fresh approach.

Industry collaboration can accelerate improvements and transform performance in a way that is not possible when working independently. Learning from each other, challenging current thinking, and re-imagining the supply chain can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Benefits sought by the Phorum include:

  • Reduce complexity and cost of global outbound supply chains
  • Accelerate deployment of member supply chain strategies
  • Align on regulatory understanding
  • Provide industry benchmarks

    BioPhorum’s team of technical experts has industry experience to guide the Phorum’s program of work towards value-additive outputs and deliverables.

    Your proprietary information and IP are well protected by our legal and policy framework.

    Email us at for more information.

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    BioPhorum introduces – BMS Podcast

    BioPhorum talks to Brian and Brent at Bristol Myers Squibb about the future of collaboration across bio-pharma supply chains. How can the bio-pharma industry move away from highly manual information exchange?

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    BioPhorum introduces – Supply Chain to Patient

    Hear about issues around freight capacity. The complexity of supply chains for cell and gene therapy and direct to patient, and the benefits of collaboration on influencing regulations.

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    BioPhorum introduces – Supply Chain to Patient

    Learn about the challenges data management and transparency presents to biopharmaceutical logistics.

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    BioPhorum introduces – Supply Chain to Patient

    In this podcast, Lesley talks about the needs and considerations of a sustainable outbound supply chain.
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    BioPhorum Deliverables Report 2021/22

    All of our content at your fingertips. Read about industry trends, progress against shared challenges, and best practice solutions

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    Leadership interview

    Hear more about the benefits of this Phorum from Lesley Holt, the Supply Chain to Patient Phorum Director

    The Supply Chain to Patient inaugural F2F meeting will be held in Europe 15 – 16 November. If you would like to attend to participate in the discussion, help to shape the Phorum direction, or just to learn more from your peers in the industry, complete the form.

    We welcome biomanufacturers, logistics providers, CDMOs, CMOs and technology companies  in the Supply Chain arena, e.g. data management around temperature controls.