Supply Partner

SP brings together manufacturers with supply partners to build the modern and effective inbound supply chains that the industry needs in a way that acting independently cannot.
The mission of BioPhorum Supply Partner is transforming the inbound supply chain for the benefit of end users, supply partners and patients alike, resulting in a:

  • step reduction in risk, nonvalue adding waste and lead times
  • step increase in effectiveness, reliability and quality compliance
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This is achieved by:

  • active partnership in a proven and clearly defined industry collaboration
  • collective investment in mutual understanding, new ideas and approaches, acting as a catalyst for education across the industry
    implementing world class standardized practices and performance, that are fit for the future growth of the industry


face-to-face meetings

external publications and presentations

active participants

member companies


  • Opportunity to collaborate with end-users on mission-critical industry issues relating to: Risk; Planning; Education, Qualification & Control of the in-bound supply chain for the biomanufacturing process.
  • Be a part of the industry’s world leading facilitated collaboration space focused on improving the operational excellence of the in-bound supply chain including the major biopharma manufacturing companies involved in the production of bulk Drug Substance, Cell & Gene Therapy products and Fill Finish activities
  • Interact with the wider BioPhorum community via cross Phorum Interactions including the Technology Roadmap Phorum and be involved in the adoption programs that will help deliver the future of biomanufacturing.
  • Develop the culture, relationships and trust that accelerate innovation, transparency and responsiveness
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BioPhorum Supply Partner workstreams

Joint workstreams with BioPhorum Drug Substance

  • Aggregated BioPharma Capacity Analysis
  • Joint Audit Program
  • Risk & Business Continuity Management

  • EDE/In-Bound
  • Alternative To Gamma Sterilization
  • Single Use Systems Joint Leadership Team
  • Disposables Lead Times
  • Disposables – Supply Base Reliability
  • Disposables – Testing Validation & Release
  • Raw Material – Joint Leadership Team
  • Raw Material – Media & Analytics
  • Raw Material – Standards & Procedures

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