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BioPhorum Supply Partner brings together biomanufacturers with suppliers in a collaborative partnership to create a genuine supply chain community that is unique in the biomanufacturing industry.

The collaboration aims to transform the inbound supply chain for the benefit of all.

The Phorum vision: the biopharmaceutical industry inbound supply chain is considered one of the best understood and managed supply chains of any industry in the world.

Our mission: to be the trusted advisory and collaboration group, driving change across the global industry for all things relevant to the inbound supply chain.

BioPhorum Supply Partner achieve success and add value for members by creating an active and unique network in which suppliers and manufacturers can safely collaborate and accelerate change across the biopharmaceutical industry. Acting as a single voice, we aim to achieve transformation that provides:


  • Enhanced robustness and resilience of supply chain
  • Accelerated capability and capacity to effect technology adoption
  • Reduced cost of quality
  • Industry-wide alignment on operational implementation
Supply Partner team


  • Risk and Business Continuity Management
  • Long Range Planning
  • Supply Partnering and Relationship Management
  • Single Use Systems Joint Leadership Team
  • Supply Chain Management for Cell and Gene Therapy – interaction with CGT (Cell & Gene Therapy)
  • Alternative to Gamma Sterilization
  • Supply Chain Quality Management
  • EDE/ Digitization of the inbound supply chain

SP Members also actively participate in DS workstreams

  • Single Use Systems – Supply Base Reliability
  • Single Use Systems – Design Harmonization
  • Single Use Systems – Inter-Changeable Parts
  • Raw Material Joint Leadership team
  • Raw Materials – Media and Analytics
  • Raw Materials – Standards and Procedures
  • Pathfinder: Shelf-Life Standardization
  • Pathfinder: Endotoxin – Specification for Cell Culture Media
  • Pathfinder: Custom Raw Material / Critical Material Attributes specification

Fill Finish Interaction

  • Annex 1

  • Commercial Fill Finish Lines of the Future

Cell and Gene Therapy Interaction

  • Raw Materials – Supply Issues (work in close collaboration with Supply Chain Management for CGT)

Priority publications for BioPhorum Supply Partner

Recent examples of Phorum success:

  • Members in the single-use systems community have improved surety of supply, increased quality and reduced audit burden and costs through the adoption of a Joint Audit approach following the pilot study to raise awareness of the utility of joint audits. The pilot program was conducted between members and in collaboration with Rx-360 and their Joint Audit Program.
  • Best practice guidance has been published on how to adopt a risk management approach and undertaking supply chain mapping to improve resilience and enhance industry surety of supply. Best practice guidance on effective business continuity management will follow in 2023.
  • Members have taken significant value from implementing aspects from the best practice guidance published on forecasting and supply planning. The Forecasting and supply planning maturity assessment toolkit has been used to set strategy and improvement programs. Implementation can assist with reducing inventory and management of supply shortages. Relevant case studies can be found here.
  • Work is underway on developing processes for electronic data exchange of electronic certificates of analysis for raw materials, in support of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry’s goal to implement digital technologies to achieve ‘real time release’ and ‘electronic batch records.’ This activity is part of the overall digital roadmap strategy for BioPhorum.
  • Members are accelerating their acceptance of X-Ray sterilization as a complimentary modality to gamma sterilization. Biomanufacturers are understanding the need to accept the change and how to target their resources in response to the change notifications by working with key suppliers.
  • The SUS (Single Use System) Joint Leadership Team continues to create and build a strong community of interest across suppliers and manufacturers with a focus in single use systems.

SP members also participate in relevant workstreams in BioPhorum Drug Substance (DS):

SP and DS members work collaboratively across Joint Leadership Teams responsible for single-use systems and raw materials. They collectively influence the ambition and goals of the programs along with actively contributing to the governance, overall direction, and vision. The aim is to expand this collaboration further to embrace BioPhorum Fill Finish and BioPhorum Cell & Gene Therapy in 2023.

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