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Supply Partner (SP) brings together manufacturers with supply partners to build the modern and effective inbound supply chains that the industry needs in a way that acting independently cannot. Working in concert with DS, FF and, in the near future, C&GT, the Phorum is piloting a transformative joint audit program, and working on a range of programs including supply chain agility for new products, and risks and business continuity planning.

Supply Partner Phorum is transforming inbound biopharmaceutical supply chains

 The mission of BioPhorum Supply Partner is transforming the inbound supply chain for the benefit of end users, supply partners and patients alike, resulting in a:

  • Step reduction in risk, nonvalue adding waste and lead times
  • Step increase in effectiveness, reliability and quality compliance

This is achieved by:

  • Active partnership in a proven and clearly defined industry collaboration
  • Collective investment in mutual understanding, new ideas and approaches, acting as a catalyst for education across the industry
  • Implementing world class standardized practices and performance, that are fit for the future growth of the industry

Benefits include:

  • Reduced supply and compliance risk by mapping the supply chain for adverse event and business continuity planning
  • Reduced inventory and supply shortages by improving forecasting and demand planning
  • Increased partnership culture, innovation, transparency and responsiveness.

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