Technology Roadmapping

Technology Roadmapping (TR) is a collaborative technology management process that accelerates innovation and development of the manufacturing processes of the future. Here biomanufacturers, supply partners, engineering partners, leading academics and regional innovation hubs build and communicate the roadmap strategy. In priority areas, they enable progress through identifying technology targets and modeling solutions, for example current work includes proving through concept demonstrators, plug and play hardware, smaller buffer preparation footprints and driving the move for more standard facility design to accelerate capacity builds.
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The technology roadmapping  process is a dynamic and evolving collaborative technology management  process for:

  • determining pre-competitive critical needs and drivers
  • identifying technology and/or manufacturing targets
  • assessing/modeling potential solutions
  • coordinating implementation projects.

In order to:

  • provide direction
  • resolve those critical needs for a specific timeframe by consensus
  • ensure that technologies are delivered. and adopted.


face-to-face meetings

external publications and presentations

active participants

member companies

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One governance group

  • Steering Committee

One technology roadmapping workstreams:

  • Digital Technologies

One technology adoption workstreams:

  • Best practice in new technology adoption
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Eight technology development workstreams

  • Buffer Preparation
  • Rapid detection of adventitious virus and mycoplasma
  • Rapid release testing through inline monitoring
  • Standard Facility Design
  • Plug and Play
  • Big Data to Smart Data
  • Knowledge Management
  • Robotic Technologies

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