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White paper / URS for a plug and play prototype demonstrating how automation can: reduce build and reconfiguration times, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of quality.  Supplier members aligning to deliver the prototype.


↓ Cost

↑ Quality

↑ Flexibility

  • Speed - faster build times and reconfiguration times, delay decision to build

  • Cost - eliminate development costs for custom interfaces

  • Quality - reduced verification and variability

  • Flexibility - ability to easily switch unit op technology to best in class

Q3 2019

The team has produced:

  1. Initial standard data models for: Bioreactor; Chromatography; Normal Flow Filtration
  2. Initial Vendor Interface model
  3. A draft white paper with a Test Plan for software simulation, which will be deployed by 6 Vendors in Proof of Concept: 13-15th Nov. 2018, Portsmouth UK
  4. Terms of Reference for a hardware simulation, which will take place in Q2 2019
  5. An outline standard interface protocol and implementation plan
Slide last updated : 21st January 2019