Posted on: 19th December 2016

With the launch of the Technology Roadmap earmarked for the  second quarter of 2017, we have created an online portal to collate all news and information. You can access all the current Technology Roadmapping updates along with an informative presentation video here.

The Roadmap has had input from over 100 key industry stakeholders. This resource will provide a valuable guide-rail for the innovation efforts of manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and regulators, identifying the key enabling technologies that hold the key to progress.

You can also sign up to receive a copy of the first edition when it is published through the portal, as well as being informed of specific Technology Roadmap updates. As the team progress nearer to the publication date in 2017, you will find more resources populating the pages, including next steps in the program.

You can sign up for the first edition of the Roadmap here.

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2 responses to “Register now for The Technology Roadmap”

  1. Stefan Hepbildikler says:

    Dear editors & authors,

    I would like to sign up for a copy of the current BPOG Technology Roadamp.

    Best regards
    Stefan Hepbildikler
    Roche Bioprocess Development

    • Emma Howlett says:

      Dear Stefan

      If you look at the tab titled first edition documents and select one of the documents it will ask you to register. You will only need to do this once. After that you will be able to access and download the documents.

      Emma Howlett

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