Materials to help you get Covid-19 therapies to market and build capacity

BioPhorum’s collaborations and documents explore, propose and define industry best practices.  As such we believe their application can help every bio-license holder, manufacturer and supplier to scale-up operations and get products to market faster, as well as delivering a whole range of other benefits.

However, with the current pandemic we recognize that certain best practices make a bigger and greater impact on approval timelines and capacity builds than others.  On the Downloads page, we have listed the documents we feel make the biggest contribution to the global race to get therapies approved and build capacity to deliver Covid-19 treatments.  The documents here, and all others available from our website, are freely available to download.  If you want additional support in interpretation or to find the guidance documents that you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions on how these guides help, then please contact us.


Other contributions

Everyone at BioPhorum is doing everything possible to help the global community.  We are facilitating sharing between global heads of operations on pandemic practices to protect the supply of therapies, and exploring how we can make a more direct contribution to global efforts to build capacity for Covid-19 drugs.  As our contribution becomes clearer and efforts progress, we will keep you updated here and via LinkedIn announcements.

Please let us know if you have an idea about how the BioPhorum collaboration can help.


Covid-19: staying safe

Since mid-March we have run all Face2Face meetings virtually and will continue to do so until the global community expects international travel and physical contact to be necessary for collaboration.  This move to a totally virtual operation has been facilitated by the fact that BioPhorum has always been based on remotely located staff working via internet enabled tools to support our global community.  Rendering both clients and staff safe in these difficult times.