​​Forecast and demand planning​


The Forecasting and Supply Planning: A Best Practice Industry Guide, defines the participating biomanufacturers’ and suppliers’ perspectives regarding the state of the industry’s roadblock drivers, a ‘blue sky vision’ of best practices and the business case for changing the current situation, highlighting the risks and benefits of the industry continuing as is versus striving to define and adhere to best practice.
In order to define, prioritize and measure improvement opportunities across the industry, a Forecasting and Supply Planning maturity assessment has been developed to go along with the Best Practice Guide. The maturity assessment is used to assess an organization’s status in relation to industry norms and best practice. More importantly, an assessment’s results provide a blueprint for the strengths and weaknesses that an organization needs to address to elevate its forecasting and supply planning processes. An explainer video has been provided to give a quick overview of the intent and purpose behind the maturity assessment.

The maturity assessment also provides an industry benchmark on forecasting and supply planning and should be revisited annually to measure and maintain focus on the top priorities for improvement. The 2017 benchmark included in the Best Practice Guide contains the results from nine major industry leaders (four biomanufacturers and five suppliers).