Single use systems

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Single-use user requirements how to guideThis presentation, with supporting audio when viewed in presenter mode, guides users in completing the toolkit.
User requirements template
The template is a form that allows end users to communicate process/application details and single-use-system requirements to suppliers and allows suppliers to affirm or describe their capabilities to meet these requirements.  It is organized into a logical structure of user-requirement categories and uses consistent and common terminology.
Technical diligence templatesThese forms are pre-populated with end-user requests for detailed information that describes how suppliers fulfil specific user requirements.  Supplier responses to the request for information may serve as the basis of a technical diligence exercise. These responses will allow end users and suppliers to develop a common understanding of user requirements and supplier capabilities and will allow both parties to make efficient and informed decisions.
Supply chain template
New for 2020
The template is a form that allows end users to communicate requests for supply chain-related information (e.g. component part number and manufacturer) to suppliers and provides suppliers with a dedicated document to respond to this request.
Industry proposal for implementation of the SUUR toolkitThis presentation sets the context for the SUUR toolkit, aimed at the most senior of sponsors.
Guideline for implementation of SUUR toolkitThis presentation highlights the toolkit fundaments targeted at implementation middle managers.
Guideline for use of SUUR toolkitThis presentation guides users around the toolkit.
How To Guide
New for 2019!
Audio narrated over presentation, articulating how to use the core templates.
BioPhorum-BPSA benefits wheelThis poster aims to summarize adoption benefits.
Supplier flyer
New for 2019!
This flyer for suppliers aims to be a discussion document between suppliers and their end-user customers on why using the toolkit may be of benefit when designing new SUS systems.