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  • Identify
    repetitive tasks
  • Survey
    Bio-facility heads
  • Identify
    problem areas
  • Propose
  • White paper
DeliverableAvailable Company BenefitWhen

  • White Paper & journal article identifying top needs / demands to be targeted for automating via robotics, including an ROI estimation

  • Proven performance and OPEX reduction cases


↓ Cost

↑ Quality

  • Reduced health and safety risks to personnel

  • More efficient use of personnel

  • Greater throughput / productivity

  • Reduction in errors

  • Improve quality of operations

Q1 2019

Industry survey asked key questions to guide future robotics strategies

  • mAb manufacturing facility scenarios
  • mAb production facility details
  • Main drivers for reducing operating costs
  • Operational steps that would benefit most from robotic technologies

Survey Summary

  • 16 respondents from nine biomanufacturers said that reduced human effort is the main driver for introducing robotic technologies. This in turn will reduce operating costs, whilst increasing accuracy, improving ergonomics, reduce manual documentation and increase safety.
  • Material handling, process sampling, buffer preparation and inoculum lab are the areas  identified that would benefit most from robotic technologies.
  • Almost 60% of respondents thought it was a very or extremely valuable exercise to to find out top areas for Robotic Technology use in mAb manufacturing
Slide last updated : 21st January 2019