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Define user requirements and standard facility options to respond to biologics manufacturing production needs using single use technologies to be established in less than 1 year.
Create ‘Autocad’ type tool to allow faster modelling and development of facility designs.
The value in the standardized modular approach to facility design and construction lies within its ability to execute a project faster, more efficiently, and with less risk than a traditional construction approach.


↓ Cost

↑ Flexibility

  • Speed of deployment - reduce time to launch/delay investment by 4/5 months

  • Flexibility to use site for multi-purposes/products and mobility to bring capacity to the location of demand

  • Replicating previous job reduce time to launch/delays investment by 3-6 months

  • Capacity flexing or scaling without interruption of existing processes

  • Repurpose (not standing redundant/no depreciation on unused capacity)

  • Risk mitigation if no launch – no redundant capacity

  • Defer capital expenditure e.g. 2x2K $20-80m until product success more certain

  • Predictability of cost and delivery mitigates against delays caused by Change Orders, Drilling, Weather Delays

  • Bottom Line: Stick built +/-10%; factory built +/-5%

Q2 2019

As the design and more importantly, modularised approach, are articulated and refined it is important that it is tested against biomanufacturers (‘Customers’) as well as those currently engaged in delivering such solutions.
Biomanufacturers in the team are enjoying the opportunity to challenge and build on the modular approach.

Layout shows example of a standard design layout that could be flexed to individual factory needs.

Slide last updated : 11th December 2018