Standards and best practices to support trace metal quantitation in cell culture chemically defined media and hydrolysates

In March, Dr Bala Ramanathan, Senior Scientist at Janssen presented the latest views, standards and best practices to Support Trace Metal Quantitation in Cell Culture Chemically Defined Media and Hydrolysates. The webcast (linked above/below) was organized by BioPhorum and USP.  

What the webcast covers

Many elements such as copper, manganese, zinc, and iron have significant biological relevance, and are well established as key contributors to glycoprotein synthesis and glycosylation that can impact biologics manufacturing. The identification and controls of trace element impurities in a presumed highly pure compendium-grade individual components are essential in a global supply chain of raw materials for chemically defined media and hydrolysate formulations. In this webcast, you will hear about: 

  • Establishing best practices for measurement of single digit low parts-per-billion using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and ICP- optical emission spectrometry instruments
  • Understanding an approach to sample preparations and sample digestions
  • Reviewing matrix interference removal and polyatomic interferences dos and don’ts


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