Posted on: 20th December 2016

The Supply Partner Phorum has had an eventful and successful first full year of operation. The Supply Partner membership has grown to double digits and is still increasing to match the number of Biomanufacturer members. We have welcomed new BPOG Team members to support this growth – first Bob Brooks (ex Abbott), in October and recently Jannika Kremer (ex Bayer), joining to help Matt and Simon run the Phorum.

Two workstreams were launched in 2016 – Forecasting and Demand Planning and Supply Chain Mapping both of which are highly topical to suppliers.  We have held two face-to-face meetings during the course of the year, SPP02 (June), at the VWR facility in Philadelphia and SPP03 (November), at the Pall facility on Long Island, New York.  SPP03 was the opportunity to work on establishing the forward ‘draft’ program of work for 2017. We look forward to publishing the first white paper guidance documents for Supply Chain Mapping and Forecasting in Q2, 2017 which would be some of the fastest produced output from a BPOG group on record.  This only leaves me to say that the Supply Partner Phorum is at an exciting stage in its development. Successful first year for SPP Phorum

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