Supply Chain to Patient has launched!

Supply Chain to Patient has launched!

Have your outbound supply chain costs increased?

Do you want to leverage data and digital technologies more effectively to reduce complexity and risk in your outbound supply chain?

Want to be instrumental in developing the biopharmaceutical supply chain of the future?

Well, now you can, by being part of our new Supply Chain to Patient Phorum.

The complex nature and multiple challenges of the outbound supply chain make meaningful changes across the industry difficult without collaboration, which is why we created the Phorum. At our first meeting in November 2022, we developed an exciting program of work that includes:

  • Roadmapping the route to an agile, resilient supply chain
  • Understanding current digitalization status, how digitalization can deliver a more robust supply chain and building the capability to do so
  • Building capacity and capability to effectively deliver cell and gene therapy requirements
  • Identifying which regulations impact the supply chain and prioritizing where to influence the regulators
  • Understanding what workforce skills are needed.

To give you a little more detail, here are a couple of examples that show how our work will address some key industry issues:

Regulations – these have not improved at the same speed as solutions have become available, nor have they changed to reflect current reality, e.g., gene therapy products that need a Qualified Person release on a single patient shipment, and customs requirements that are unsuitable for short shelf-life or personalized medicines. The initial output from the Phorum will be to identify which regulations impact the supply chain and then prioritize the ones to focus on to influence the regulators.

Workforce Skills – the increasing use of digitalization and data requires different skills, while new modalities challenge current systems and processes, and require different skillsets and mindsets. The initial output from the Phorum will be to benchmark the current skills required across the biopharmaceutical industry and the skills required against those used in more data-driven supply chains in other industries.

Our paper Transport: Best practice on transport qualification: good distribution practice has already delivered value. It was estimated that establishing a standard approach could deliver an annual saving of between $0.5m–$1 million per shipping solution and a 50% reduction in resource requirements. Also, product submission timelines could be cut by as much as 6-12 months and the risk of a regulatory finding would also diminish.

We already have members from Janssen, Roche and BMS playing an active role in the future of the work program and will invite logistics partners to join the team.

Do you want to be instrumental in shaping the direction of the biopharmaceutical supply chain? Contact Lesley Holt, the Supply Chain to Patient Phorum Director, at

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