cell culture media

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Why BioPhorum’s trace element approach will save you time, money and wasted batches

Drug products can be heavily impacted when raw materials cause variability – anecdotal evidence suggests that batches worth millions of dollars are sometimes discarded due to trace elements coming through the supply chain. Not only does this increase costs and significantly impact production scheduling, but it could delay the manufacture of drugs that may, ultimately, impact patients. Yet, despite these industry-wide issues, there is no...

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Media and hydrolysates

This paper discusses the issues around trace elements and gives a suggested approach for developing a method for analyzing trace elements in cell culture media and hydrolysates. The approach is based on a ground breaking BioPhorum collaboration that shared blinded data and compared analytical methods between biopharmaceutical and media manufacturers.

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Raw materials: Best practice guide for preparation of cell culture media solution

The purpose of this best practice guide is to provide key information and best practices for media supplier partners and companies in the biopharmaceutical industry on the design, development and controls for manufacturing of media and medium solutions to minimize potential variation that may impact product quality, process performance and operational efficiency and costs. It is intended that it can be used to support a proactive approach to evaluation and self-audit of internal processes.

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