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Cyber security: A standard CMDB data model for pharmaceutical manufacturing shop floor systems

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are developing and using Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) to maintain inventories of the IT and automation assets used by the manufacturing and laboratory systems at their production facilities. A CMDB can provide access to accurate data, including available assets, where they are, how they are configured, and the relationships that exist between them; all of which are vital functions for lifecycle management, change management, incident management and patching.

The information model typically used by the standard CMDB installation is based on the idea that all systems used by the enterprise are software based and described by a class of objects called an application. This does not always align to the needs within an operations technology (OT) environment. Therefore, the BioPhorum Cyber Security members, using their extensive combined knowledge, have collaborated to design a common information model describing a manufacturing system detailed in a shop floor/OT CMDB. The proposed model is intended to be a free, reusable, standard structure which can be adapted for specific company needs, providing a good starting point for configuration data modelers working in the OT space.

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Cyber Security Configuration management database use cases

In pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, it is sometimes the case that there is no single place to view an inventory of manufacturing assets. Conversely there may be many data sources with manual processes required to compile a single view. This is a problem for the entire enterprise, not just manufacturing; it is a constant and ongoing balance of enterprise (IT) vs manufacturing (OT) tools, policies and proceedures.

Managing this asset information can become a significant manual effort. Without trustworthy data, there is an unclear view of the cybersecurity risk that assets contribute to the manufacturing plant and enterprise. The absence of good information makes planning of patching and lifecycle management exceedingly difficult.

This compels manufacturers to develop Configuration Management Databases (CMDB’s) to maintain inventories of the assets used at their production facilities. Here the BioPhorum Cyber Security members have been investigating the underlying use cases that drive the design, needs and benefits of each member’s CMDB application/s. Through a compare and share process, they have asked the questions “What are our peers doing?”. This paper starts to draw parallels and highlight differences. It gives an insight into the complex and diverse ways of setting up, maintaining, and managing a manufacturing shop floor CMDB.

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