Gamma sterilization

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Introduction to x-ray and gamma sterilization methods

The BioPhorum Alternative to Gamma Sterilization workstream is focused, in partnership with the Bio-Process Systems Alliance, on raising awareness of the need for sterilization alternatives for single-use systems. As part of this work the team discovered a need to understand some of the first principles. This paper is to provide a lay person’s introduction to the need for change, the basic physics involved and a high-level comparison between x-ray and gamma

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BioPhorum strengthens supply chain resilience through digitization of the supply chain and alternatives to gamma sterilization

Since 2016, BioPhorum Supply Partner has made great progress in bringing together manufacturers and supply partners to build modern and effective inbound supply chains and develop a program of work that addresses some key areas: risk; planning; and education, qualification and control. Its industry expertise and ‘horizon scanning’ mean its transformative program reduces risk and adds value for members. This can be seen in the creation of two...

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