ILM and RTR in DP

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Delivering globally on in-line monitoring and real-time release

BioPhorum is increasing its focus on delivering against strategic goals of member companies as outlined in the BioPhorum Biomanufacturing Technology Roadmap. The first step in achieving this is to form a team with a cross-Phorum focus to implement these technologies – the ILM/RTR Adoption team. The team will look at the ongoing work and opportunities to collaborate on environmental, organizational and technical factors that can be most readily addressed at industry level.

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Changing mindsets with a modular approach

“We sense fear of the unknown… yes, the future may appear scary, but the future of our industry needs us to act now.” These are the words of Stefan Merkle, Senior Director Sterility Assurance at Janssen at last year’s Fill Finish Technologies to Reduce Drug Release Times event (FF18). While this comment was in relation to a discussion on whether to pursue in-line monitoring/real-time release (ILM/RTR) technologies, it is equally applicable to...

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