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Industry Scorecard

In order to secure implementation it is important to be able to measure the current status and demonstrate success through timely progression towards a desired state. Demonstrating quick wins is essential to securing organizational support for ongoing efforts. This is especially true when attempting to have multiple companies align on a standardized industry way of working. The team has identified four areas critical to the success of change...

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BioPhorum brings together industry leaders

Held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in May, the annual BioPhorum meeting (BioPhorum 2019) attracted some 55 leaders from across the biopharmaceutical industry. With this year’s major theme being the digitalization of biomanufacturing, member companies Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK and Lonza each presented case studies, covering topics such as artificial intelligence in process development, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, smart glasses,...

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Navigating the maze of medical technology regulation: a solo voyage or a team effort?

Medical technology is a global business, generating annual revenues of over $400bn. The sector encompasses a broad range of technologies: from in-vitro diagnostics and diagnostic test equipment to medical devices that include toothbrushes, MRI scanners, orthopaedic joint replacements and drug delivery devices. It is also a sector characterized by high innovation: it attracts the largest number of applications to the European Patent Office of...

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