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BioPhorum launch new sustainability phorum

BioPhorum members have given us a clear message; to be an industry that supports sustainability is extremely important to them. With no other single organization providing ‘one voice’ for the industry, discussions have been gathering pace to launch a dedicated sustainability phorum. This will become the prime vehicle to translate high-level corporate statements and commitments into practical, on-the-ground, scalable and transferable solutions....

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Would you like to influence the future of drug device combination products?

Drug device combination products are an increasingly important part of drug life-cycle management. Allied Market Research estimates that the sector will be worth $139bn by 2025, with growth driven by a rise in chronic diseases and increased focus on home-based healthcare. This is an innovative sector with increasingly complex devices being used to deliver drugs – yet there are no harmonized international standards to guide development....

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MedTech considers drug device challenges

Following a positive response to BioPhorum’s proposal for a new collaboration in the combination products space, representatives from eight BioPhorum member companies gathered in early May to agree a plan for developing a MedTech Phorum program. Ten stakeholders joined the kick-off call and brought more than 125 years of combination product experience spanning functions across the full product lifecycle, including device design and engineering,...

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Navigating the maze of medical technology regulation: a solo voyage or a team effort?

Medical technology is a global business, generating annual revenues of over $400bn. The sector encompasses a broad range of technologies: from in-vitro diagnostics and diagnostic test equipment to medical devices that include toothbrushes, MRI scanners, orthopaedic joint replacements and drug delivery devices. It is also a sector characterized by high innovation: it attracts the largest number of applications to the European Patent Office of...

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