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Alternative and rapid micro methods (ARMM): A framework for the evaluation, validation and implementation of alternative and rapid microbiological testing methods

There are now available to the biopharmaceutical industry several alternative and rapid microbiological methods (ARMMs) for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms during testing. Regulatory authorities are encouraging the biopharmaceutical industry to adopt innovative technologies. Together these methods will lead to improved monitoring and assurance of control of biopharmaceutical processes and manufacturing environments, as well as shortened cycle times in the supply chain. This paper addresses the need for a systematic and best practice approach to the evaluation, validation and deployment of these methods. The absence of such best practice has hindered the adoption of ARMMs, resulting in slow adoption. A nine-step framework and common language is described which can be applied by biopharmaceutical companies wanting to take advantage of the numerous benefits of ARMMs.

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Alternative and rapid micro methods (ARMM): Practical applications of bio-fluorescent particle counting in Environmental Monitoring investigations

Investigations into environmental monitoring (EM) excursions can be prolonged and do not always result in clear root causes or CAPAs. This paper outlines how bio-fluorescent particle counting (BFPC) can be used in investigations to eliminate the inherent delays of culture-based methods. The application for investigations supplements routine EM; acting as a risk reduction tool enabling real-time detection of viable microorganisms in air samples − supporting root cause analysis and remedial actions. The paper includes guidance on how to use the technology, a real case study involving a mold excursion, and examples of business benefits achieved by various companies.

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