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How to master virtual inspections and audits – learning from experience

In normal conditions, regulatory inspections and audits are conducted on-site, with inspectors viewing operations, talking to staff and reviewing documents to ensure they meet requirements. However, travel and social restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic have forced regulatory inspections and audits of affiliates to be conducted remotely. This is a very different way of working as it is much more difficult to view and explain process steps...

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Peer to peer practical guidance on remote inspections and audits

Drawing on their real-world experiences, a group of experts drawn from 28 BioPhorum member companies has provided guidance on the detailed working methods that support a successful remote inspection or audit; for example, how to manage information flows between the inspectors and the site subject matter experts’ team. With the impact of Covid-19 likely to be seen for the foreseeable future, virtual inspections may be required for some time. This guidance will help all stakeholders prepare and to avoid the potential problems of remote inspections and audits.

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Has the pandemic ushered in an era of virtual inspections and audits?

Faced with the travel uncertainties caused by the pandemic and a backlog of inspections, remotely conducted health authority inspections and affiliate audits have become a necessity. With appropriate use of technology and after ironing out any initial problems, they could become part of the toolkit of the future.  In response to this growing trend, a BioPhorum project is considering the challenges and opportunities of virtual/remote...

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