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Extractables: New streamlined protocol and industry portal

Extractables: New streamlined protocol and industry portal The BioPhorum Extractables Workstream has made great strides in the world of extractables and is excited to announce an updated, streamlined protocol and a fantastic new web portal. The protocol, Extractables Testing of Polymeric Single-use Components used in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, is based on an extensive scientific review and will reduce costs and focus people on the...

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Extractables testing of polymeric single-use components used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

This revised extractables protocol for polymeric single-use components in biopharmaceutical manufacturing is based on an extensive scientific review and represents the combined opinion of the biopharmaceutical manufacturers and, crucially, the supply chain. It will reduce costs and focus people on the important data points. The protocol provides guidance on the suggested methods for extractables studies, including sample preparation, extraction conditions, recording test-article sampling conditions, and reporting data from the analysis of extracts. Flexibility is built-in, allowing suppliers to alter many study parameters due to restrictions based on the use of SUS, physical form factor, chemical compatibilities, etc.

The new protocol includes significant changes to the 2014 version, including the removal of 5M sodium chloride and 1% Polysorbate 80 as extraction solvents, the elimination of the time-point zero interval, and the elimination of elemental analysis of 50% Ethanol extracts.

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Extractables: Single use supplier extractable reporting pack

Consistent reporting and presentation of extractable data by suppliers is critical to the fast and reliable assessment of single use systems by users for new solutions. The BioPhorum approach to reporting and presenting extractable data is now the industry standard and adoption of this approach enables all single use suppliers to fit together in an industry ecosystem that effectively supports the continued growth of adoption of single use technologies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This pack contains a guide and documents to help single use suppliers and integrators set up their webpages papers and present their extractable data in a way that aligns with the industry standard and extends the ecosystem. Once implemented this approach enables integrators and biomanufacturers to build an extractables profile for a system without needing to transcribe the data, saving time on new designs and minimising the need for expensive custom extractable studies.

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Changes to BioPhorum extractables protocol

The BioPhorum Extractables team has shown the benefits of great collaboration between biomanufacturers and suppliers – they agreed to significantly reduce extractables testing for single-use systems. This decision was made possible by the supply base’s considerable body of data generated through the existing protocol and the biomanufacturer team’s work over the last 12 months. Similar studies have been performed previously, but typically with a...

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