Single-use reliability

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Getting a handle on bag leakage with BioPhorum’s new toolkit

Improper handling of bags is a significant contributor to leaks in single-use systems (SUS). It regularly causes significant, often unreported, failure modes (e.g. tearing and punctures) that cause product, supply, product variability and end-user operability problems. The cost per leak – including investigations, lost time and product losses – ranges from thousands to many millions of dollars. Unfortunately, formal training methods and...

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Disposables: Single-use systems bag assembly leakage and defect toolkit

This toolkit gives users a set of tools to respond to problems and materials to include in their communications and operator training.It will help reduce product losses, investigations, manufacturing disruptions and the number of leaks. It equips industry with tools to help standardize the vocabulary around SUS anatomy and processes and expand its understanding of SUS abnormalities.

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How to make single-use systems supply chain proof?

In the second half of 2020, BioPhorum Drug Substance  will publish a comprehensive set of tools and guidance to help the industry foolproof the transportation, deployment and use of single-use systems.  Inspired by the work of Bayer's Berkeley facility, who over many years reduced leak rates from totally unsustainable 40% to a phenomenal 0.04%, the industry package takes the position that single-use systems are complex delicate...

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