Posted on: 24th August 2017

The first edition of the Technology Roadmap has now been published. All eight documents that comprise the first edition are available to download from the BPOG public website here.

This is a major milestone for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry, thanks to the sustained commitment of over 160 participants from 31 member companies. This is their moment to celebrate.

The technology roadmapping collaboration is already bearing fruits for participants, with many supply partners aligning their R&D activities to the challenges identified by the biomanufacturers. Additionally, regional innovation hubs have recently committed to join forces on key technology development projects. Progressively, the collaboration platform for industry acceleration is expanding.

With publication of the first edition completed, the team’s efforts continue at pace mobilising technology development projects in high need areas. Planning for the second edition is already underway, which in the future will see teams move into new areas of scope, aided by feedback received from the publication of the first edition.

As ever we are keen to receive your input and comments, either directly to myself or your colleagues on the roadmapping teams. Please also feel free to forward this newsletter to your professional networks, as we are eager to spread the technology roadmapping documents far and wide across the industry to maximize engagement.

Again, thanks to all our participants.

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