Virtual face-to-face meetings extended as CGT celebrates its first successful virtual event

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Inaugural virtual face-to-face meeting a success

We can confirm that the BioPhorum virtual collaboration model is delivering.  On Friday 6 March we decided to relocate CGT05 from Philadelphia to the cloud, and, from Tuesday 10, our team delivered a three-day meeting virtually.  As well as sharing case studies, delegates engaged in debates, periodically sharing webcams for a more personal experience.

The attendance, representing 26 companies, swelled from an expected physical presence of 68 delegates to 136 online.  Such involvement enriched ensuing debates in a way that we had not anticipated.  Thanks to Louise Bennett, Steven Wall, Helen Hay and Sarah Currie for the fast and effective turnaround ensuring members’ expectations continued to be met.

Virtual face-to-face meetings extended to July

Previously, we announced that meetings until May would be planned and executed through a similar virtual model. As we enter a pandemic situation, and the resulting travel restrictions, we are creating certainty for meetings in June and July by deciding that they will also be run as virtual events.  This will enable us to develop and plan for high quality virtual meetings, sustaining our teams’ momentum and ensuring that objectives are satisfied.

Learnings for the future

We hope to return to physical meetings from September.  Until then, we will work to improve our virtual meeting capabilities, that will ultimately enable us to offer a more flexible and innovative service for our members.

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