BioPhorum TRMx insights 07

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System architecture for an industry 4.0 digital transformation. The TRM digital technologies roadmapping team are assessing architecture models to support indistry 4.0 implementation in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.


The TRM Digital Technologies Roadmapping Team is assessing architecture models to support Industry 4.0 implementation in biopharma manufacturing and wishes to bring together expertise across BioPhorum to share current thinking and answer questions on this complex topic.

Understand the architectural requirements for a 4.0 digital transformation in biopharma manufacturing
Determine if ISA 88-95 in its current form meets these requirements
Evaluate alternatives eg Namur Open Architecture, RAMI

Speakers will each present a model exploring its capability to support a digital transformation.
A Q&A discussion will follow each presentation.
You will be invited to submit advance questions to be answered at the TRMx webinar. An email will be sent prior to the webinar requesting your questions for the panel.