Industry approaches to automation of cell-based bioassay

Broadcast date

Wed, Oct 27, 2021


Presented by

    John White - GSK
    Ásdís Olsen Pétursdóttir - Novo Nordisk
    Denny Dimitrov - GSK
    Andrew Thomson - GSK
    Dan Schuessler - GSK
    Tianyi Zhang - GSK
    Shawn Gauby - GSK


Quick Description

Well Characterized Biologics and Biological Assays – virtual conference 2021
BioPhorum Session: industry approaches to automation of cell-based bioassays


BioPhorum’s Development Group Bioassay workstream consists of 34 global companies from the biopharmaceutical industry. Representatives from the workstream presented the results of discussions and a benchmarking survey on the automation of cell-based potency assays.

The talk focused on a number of topics including; handling of cells, transitioning from manual to automated assays and validation approaches when assays are both manual and automated.


John White

Director BioPharm Assay Development


Ásdís Olsen Pétursdóttir

Research Scientist

Novo Nordisk

Denny Dimitrov

Bioassay Development and Automation


Andrew Thomson

Biopharm R & D Technician


Dan Schuessler

Analytical Automation Leader


Tianyi Zhang

Analytical Automation Specialist


Shawn Gauby

Investigator - IVIV Translation