Virtual twins for biomanufacturing

Broadcast date

Mon, Oct 3, 2022


Presented by

    David Wallace - BioPhorum
    Kim Wilson, - Dassault Systèmes


Quick Description

Digital twins sound exciting, almost like science fiction. But what practical use could they be in biopharmaceutical manufacturing? David draws on Kim’s expertize to show the opportunities and benefits of using virtual twins to optimize the supply chain, facility design, technology transfer, combination products, and sustainability.


In this interview, Kim explains the concepts of digital and virtual twins, and applies that first to the growing challenge of manufacturing cell and gene therapies efficiently and at scale. She considers the broader aspects of optimizing the supply chain, and how twins go much further than a CAD model when considering a new facility design. Twins have the potential to transform tech transfer, combination product design, and the industry’s whole understanding and approach to sustainability. So how can biomanufacturers get started – how does this relate to BioPhorum’s Digital Plant Maturity Model? Why has it not happened already? What are the obstacles and what are the main benefits to go for?


Further resources:

BioPhorum’s Digital Plant Maturity Model
Dassault Systems white paper: The virtual twin experience of the pharmaceutical process


David Wallace



Kim Wilson,

Life Sciences Business Consultant

Dassault Systèmes