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We’re delighted to share that we’re moving our video and teleconferences from GoToMeeting to Microsoft Teams. This process has already started and will continue for a few weeks until we’ve completely transitioned all meetings over to Teams.

Why are we doing this?

There are a number of drivers for this change. 

It is part of a broader IT transformation project, called Platform One, where we’re moving a number of our IT systems to the Microsoft suite of cloud services.  This is a project which is well underway within BioPhorum, and the transition to Teams is one of the first changes which will be immediately noticeable by member representatives. Over time, this project will also replace iMeet Central with a new collaboration service based on SharePoint. This is likely to happen during 2021. 

Additionally, Teams is also a rapidly evolving platform which is growing a broader range of features than our existing platform. The Teams roadmap includes many features which we will be able to use to improve the quality of our meetings.

When are we doing this?

The change has already started. You may have noticed that some of your meetings have already been hosted using Teams rather than GoToMeeting. Over time, we will move all of our meetings to the Teams platform.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Your Facilitators and Account Managers will update meeting invites with new join details. If you have an existing meeting which has not been updated, then join on GoToMeeting as per the meeting invite. It is likely that any new meetings setup from now will have Microsoft Teams join details rather than GoToMeeting.

What if I cannot join using Teams?

We have chosen the Microsoft platform because it is so widely used. That said, there may be scenarios where your IT service has blocked access to Microsoft Teams. If this is the case, please reach out to your IT team and ask to add BioPhorum’s Teams to the allowed list. If necessary, we can support your IT to unblock access to BioPhorum’s Teams meetings.

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